The TechNext India 2019 Annual Industry and Academia Conference and Awards, brought to you by CSI - Mumbai Chapter will take place at WeSchool Auditorium, Matunga, Mumbai. Matunga, Mumbai on 28th September 2019. The awards will recognize the very best in the Academics and reward the College, Principal, Professor & HOD, TPO and student project for significant contribution in the Acamedics.


Chairman Member
Dr. Pradeep Pendse
Fellow, CSI & Dean IT, Welingkar
Dr. Anil Vaidya, Professor, Area Head, - Information Management, S P Jain Institute of Management & Research
Dr. Sasikumar M, Executive Director, C-DAC
Mr. Vikas Gadre, Sr. Adjunct Faculty & Chairperson for IS, NMIMS School of Business Management
Dr. Anuja Agarwal, Associate Dean (Technology Management) at NMIMS - MPSTME
Mr. Uday Sawant, Head of Smart Devices, Digital Applications, L&T Infotech
Dr. Suresh Shan, CTO, Mahindra Finance

Important critical Dates

Dates Event
20th May 2019 Award Launch, Entries Open
28thSeptember 2019 Awards Ceremony

You can download the form and send your nominations offline along with the supporting documents to csiawards@csimumbai.org

Submit your nominations online  

Award Categories

Annual Industry and Academia Awards

Open to Directors/Principals for their outstanding contribution to setting new vision/direction at the institute level involving creating an ecosystem which leverages contemporary Technology and creates a competitive edge for the institute, or provides a new path for faculty and students to acquire contemporary knowledge and skills. The category is also open to Principals in the IT domain who have contributed significantly towards improving quality of education beyond their institutions - this could be done in various ways by leading initiatives involving several institution or extending their own institutes infrastructure and knowledge assets in a way which helps the education fraternity at large
The Category is open to Open to Heads of Departments/Programs who have brought in innovative courses, pedagogical approaches, industry linkages and created new and unique learning opportunities for the students of the department/program and/or making them more employable.

Sub Category in the Award

  • Best Faculty - Innovative application of Technology Tools in Teaching/learning
  • Best Faculty - Contemporary Subjects/Courses
  • Best Faculty - Authoring Books on Contemporary Subjects
  • Best Faculty - Evangelizing and Contributing to Spread of knowledge across several institutions
  • Best Faculty - Specific Innovations - manifest in prototypes, patents etc 
  • Best Faculty - Published Research - where papers have been accepted in high ranking/indexed journals 
  • Best Faculty - Funded Research - either govt or industry funded research projects 
  • Best Faculty - Thought Leader award

The nominee for this award should have at-least 2 years full time teaching experience in the present Institution. He / She should have demonstrated innovative and outstanding teaching methodology. They should have the capability of mentoring and networking academia – industry programs for the symbiotic benefit of the stake holders in the institutions and the industry.
Contributions in research activity, Industrial Projects, organising conference, seminar, guest lectures etc in association with professional bodies or industrial organisations or active participation in similar programmes will be an additional quality.

Sub Category in the Award

  • Best Institute - Innovative pedagogical approaches and tools
  • Best Institute - Introduction of innovative new programs and courses 
  • Best Institute - Tech and Innovation ecosystem
  • Best Institute - Thought leadership Award

Best Institute Awards will be given to Colleges/ University Departments who have done exemplary work in the field of IT in the form of the following:-

  • New and contemporary programs - particularly in the areas of Cyber Security, AI, Industry 4.0 etc.
  • Patents/Research,
  • outstanding Startups founded,
  • Contribution to Industry,
  • commitment of effort and resources to solving community problems by innovative application of technology
N.B.:- colleges which cover larger number of activities listed above will stand a better chance.

In the area of IT or involving innovative use of IT
The Category is open to Under Graduate or Post Graduate Students. He/She should have completed a project that is significantly ready to use. Student should submit in about 500 words as how his project is unique and valuable
Best TPO award will be given to the TPOs who have good connect with the corporates. He must have done good campus recruitment and organized number of placement drives as well as assisted students in searching jobs even after placement interviews during the past. From training perspective, he should done or arranged good job oriented bridge trainings and certifications in the college in the past 2 academic year. All in all he should have tried innovative methods to get maximum number of student placed.